Concrete Flatwork Options

Not all concrete flatwork is created equal. This is true of both its structural integrity and decorative function. Premium quality concrete requires precisely mixing aggregates, rapid delivery to ensure proper curing, and delicate application techniques to achieve a durable finish. Various methods will produce different kinds of finishing. Smoother finishes should be saved for indoors. Smooth concrete can be slippery when wet. Brush-textured concrete is better for exterior flatwork.

There’s more to finishing than just strength and safety, though. Decorative concrete contractors can use this finishing process to help them create all kinds of interesting, warm, and inviting effects with concrete. But your concrete driveway can be finished and dyed to look like a stone driveway. Your neighbors won’t believe it’s concrete.

Using concrete stains or dyes, we can make your concrete flatwork look like almost any material, including your basement floor to look like hardwood. Given that below-grade hardwood flooring is a big no-no, many homeowners find their way to decorative concrete for their basement floor. While staining can be significant, you may find it to be a worthy investment.