Asphalt Crack Seal

Crack Seal

As asphalt pavement ages, cracks may begin to appear.  Cracks develop for a variety of reasons – among the most common are thermal stresses, fatigue and reflective cracking from underlying pavement conditions. Crack seal is a routine pavement maintenance service to prevent water from penetrating the aggregate base and subgrade material below the pavement. ARS recommends that cracks with a surface opening of 1/4 inch or more be sealed.  This process begins with a thorough cleaning of all sand, dirt, debris and all non-compressible materials with high-pressure compressed air.  From there, crack sealant is applied as hot-poured or cold poured.  Hot-poured sealant is heated in an on-site melting pot and applied to the cracks via a hose and wand applicator under pressure.  The crack sealant must be banded or spread on the pavement next to the crack and cover a width of 3/4 to 1 inch on both sides of the crack.  Banding of the crack seal product is done with a “V” shaped hand squeegee.  The sealant will leave a permanent solid black line where it is installed.

Crack seal photo