About ARS

Welcome to Lawnscapes! Here's A Little Information About The Company...

  • Welcome to Lawnscapes! Here’s A Little Information About The Company…Your surroundings—whether residential or commercial—embody all the benefits that you have worked so hard for, and that’s why we take immense care to deliver the highest level of personal attention to each of our projects to create a memorable, integrated landscape that perfectly complements and supports the architecture it surrounds. We understand that, like most great investments, quality landscapes should be beautiful each moment and built to last a lifetime. We oversee the design, installation and maintenance with a trained eye and master craftsmanship so that no detail is beyond our reach. We invite you to share your vision with us. Between your needs and our experience and expertise, the ideal landscape can flourish.
  • Project Management – watching the calendar:
    The Landscape Designer and Project Supervisor share the responsibilities of project implementation—ensuring that all resources are available and sufficient to complete the project in a timely and quality manner. Changes are routine, and our Project Management Methodologies identify the most efficient and effective way to address them.
  • Construction – excellence in form and function:
    Lawnscapes has the versatility to arrange a variety of crew sizes and capabilities along with our supplier partners to provide masonry, carpentry, horticulture, metal work and other projects of any scale.
  • Service – our specialty:
    We recognize the inevitable disruption of lifestyles during construction, and our crews courteously maintain the highest quality of safety and cleanliness at the site.
  • The Design/Build Approach:
    Lawnscapes; translates the homeowner’s vision and desires into memorable integrated outdoor landscapes and living areas that perfectly complement the architecture and interior of the home. Our team has the necessary skills to achieve a design solution where the outdoor environment and architecture blend seamlessly. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of personal attention to each of our projects and your residence will be no exception. Your residence is your private reserve, a place to relax and enjoy the benefits that you have worked hard for. That’s why we take care in designing and building award-winning, sustainable outdoor environments. We will be committed to achieving a final product of the highest standard and reputation, built to exceed your expectations.
  • Design Development – engaging in details:
    This phase addresses the structural, horticultural, and resource management elements of a proposed landscape. Our Landscape Architects ensure effective sustainability by specifying, sourcing and analyzing the cost of any structural elements. Detail planting plans are then identified through species, quantity, color, size and density. We even have the resources to guide the client into landscape lighting options and design custom lighting layouts. No detail is overlooked!